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Exxperior – ‘Escalating Conflicts’

Iron Shield Records
Megadeth, Voivod, Ministry, Heathen
Release Date
September 17, 2021
Iron Shield Records
Thrash Metal

                Experimental and avant-garde music is good for breaking the mould or the monotonous drudgery of doing the same thing over and over again. However, as the madness reigns, this experimentation can go either way; it can be a stroke of utter genius which allows a bands uniqueness to shine and possibly usher in a whole new era of bands following suit… or it can be fucking disastrous, being far too ‘out there’ for mere mortals to comprehend. This year has the German duo Exxperior setting forth once more to deliver ‘Escalating Conflicts’, their third offering of thrash metal madness.

                Well, Exxperior certainly know how to make the listener sit back and stare off into the distance as their brain tries desperately to figure out what just happened. This occurs once again with ‘Escalating Conflicts’, the jaw is dropped, the mouth is open and the brain is currently leaking out of any available orifice from the skull. From the off, ‘Escalating Conflicts’ is a headfucking battering of thrash metal that takes in elements from progressive metal and even industrial as tracks such as ‘A.A.A.’, ‘Multidimensional Mindblow’ and ‘Timeless But Mindless’ do their best to deliver a total sensory overload. This however never feels contrived or forced, it is Exxperior doing what they do best and at the top of their game as the band appeals to the likes of Megadeth, Heathen, Voivod and ‘Psalm 69’ era Ministry with quick fire drum programming and Mike Scaccia style shredding.

                However, ‘Escalating Conflicts’ is a long album, clocking in at an almighty 75 minutes it is not for the passive listening, it requires some real dedicated time that may not appeal to the ‘I want to thrash away at the E string’ style thrash lovers. But, it is more than possible to enjoy every moment, ‘Escalating Conflicts’ is an excellent album, just remember to scoop the remnants of your brain up from the floor once finished.

"an excellent album that is guaranteed to liquify the brain"

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