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Motörhead – ‘Everything Louder Forever – The Very Best of Motörhead’

Venom, Saxon, Gehennah, Sodom, Midnight, Girlschool
Release Date
October 29, 2021
Heavy Metal/Hard Rock

“We are Motörhead… and we play rock n’ roll!” never has a statement been truer than every time the legendary Lemmy Kilmister uttered those immortal words. But sadly, the world has gone a lot quieter since Motörhead disbanded following the death of Lemmy in 2015, however, this year has Motörhead returning with their latest compilation ‘Everything Louder Forever – The Very Best of Motörhead’.

                The main question is this; the world has SO many ‘best of’ Motörhead compilations, does the world actually need another one? Fortunately, with ‘Everything Louder Forever…’ this is two-disc comprehensive retrospective of the bands career. This is a compilation that appears to have been lovingly crafted by obvious Motörhead fans and it is literally all killer which means that it would provide the perfect introduction to the band to any budding rock or metal fan. Conversely, even to those super Motörhead fans, ‘Everything Louder Forever…’ provides an excellent double disc for passing listening or whacking in the car for those long car journeys which make you put your foot down faster.

                Yet, that’s exactly what this compilation is really good for, but it is passive listening at its best and for younger listeners, it is a perfect way for them to destroy their eardrums. In fact, if you’re an album person, then ‘Everything Louder Forever…’ will offer very little delight, but in all honesty, it will be hard pressed to find a better compilation than this, it is practically flawless.

“We are Motörhead… and we play rock n’ roll!”

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