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U.D.O. – ‘Game Over’

AFM Records
Accept, Saxon, Judas Priest, Dio, Halford
Release Date
October 22, 2021
AFM Records
Heavy Metal

Make no bones about it, Udo Dirkschneider is a heavy metal legend, the former Accept vocalist and established solo artist in his own right has made a mark on the metal scene that is as big as any band. Anyone else at this age would be applying for their bus pass, but not Dirkschneider who continues to provide the Teutonic thunder with his latest studio album ‘Game Over’.

                At this point in their career, U.D.O. are hardly going to do anything different or even shockingly new and that’s not a bad thing, U.D.O. don’t need to, Dirkschneider knows his market and like a symbiotic organism, they feed upon each other. ‘Game Over’ is an album which ticks all the boxes, its heavy metal to its core as tracks such as ‘Fear Detector’, ‘Prophecy’ and the anthemic ‘Metal Never Dies’ are all fist pumping tracks of foot stomping metal that shows Dirkschnieder has lost none of his prowling power. Furthermore, the track ‘Like A Beast’ is guaranteed to have you searching for a ringing telephone for a good ten seconds. Every time.

                ‘Game Over’ is a solid, decent album, it is however a tad too long, clocking in at over an hour it can get a little samey and the production isn’t quite as good as it has been on the likes of ‘Steelfactory’ and ‘Decadent’. Yet, this doesn’t take away the fact that U.D.O. has once again delivered a good album of full-on Teutonic metal.

"a solid, decent album of Teutonic heavy metal"

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