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Our Place of Worship Is Silence – ‘Disavowed, and Left Hopeless’

Translation Loss Records
Full of Hell, Portal, Mgla
Release Date
August 27, 2021
Translation Loss Records
Black/Death Metal

If the point between self-destruction and rage could be extracted, its essence anatomized and etched into the symphony of the void, the offspring from a damned womb would be ‘Disavowed, and Left Hopeless’ by Our Place of Worship is Silence. The very constructs upon which this album is assembled gives the illusion that it came from the chalice of unbridled hatred and disgust stemming from a fractured mind, longing for a permanent solution to an ongoing plague.

For the very wall of noise secreted from the tracks feels like a wave of rot that washes over a heart that is hollowed and a spirit that is decaying, reducing the inner essence to null, and this is not a negative, quite the contrary, it is because of the maelstrom of chaos brewed from the percussions and strings that pulsates and spreads like a gangrenous wound, the wound that festers, the wound in which you keep picking at, releasing pus and blood, because the very agony compels you to do so, and in my opinion, this is where the album shines. For it captures that negative surge of emotion, draws it into a syringe and injects it straight into the veins of songs such as, ‘Fury Divine’ and ‘The Scourge’, however, one may perceive this as being mindless noise…but I digress, for within its cacophony, one can see the image that is formed within the obsidian density reverberated by the thick pummeling tones of both the unification of the guitars and blast beats.

However, insanity cannot exist without the voice that whispers within the ear that salvation lies within the barrel of a shotgun, and so too does the vocals accomplish this sentiment, for it is the very voice that one wishes to silence, the very voice that burrows into the mind and defiles the soul. ‘From The Noisome Pestilence’ is a track which demonstrates the vocal prowess to discharge this barrage of notes all wrapped in self-hatred and despair, but also it shows the symbiosis with the instruments, as it integrates itself into this wall of noise, snaking inside the flesh in a serpentine motion…this leads to another positive, for the same experimental patterns undertaken by the instruments, so too does the vocals transcend itself with its range.

The band has created an album that is equivalent to a being filled with self-loath looking into the mirror with scorn, for the very decrepit being that stares back can be compared to the sounds that is unleashed here, for this very reason, to capture the nature of human mental decay into seven tracks is why I would wholeheartedly say this is an outstanding album.

“‘Disavowed, and Left Hopeless’ is the end result of when one submits itself to the soil of human strife”

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