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Pirosaint – ‘Know Thyself’

Independent Release
Eradicator, Sadus, Artillery, Exodus
Release Date
August 20, 2021
Independent Release
Thrash Metal

                It quite common these days that thrash bands formed in the late 80’s to disappear, disband and reform 25 years later with a re-energised vigour. One such band are Pirosaint, who after a return in 2015 have finally delivered their debut album ‘Know Thyself’.

                After all this time, is ‘Know Thyself’ actually worth the wait? Well, what Pirosaint have delivered is a thrash album which keeps in touch with a contemporary feel, but is quite happy to live with an old-school sound. Obviously, there is nothing wrong with this, tracks such as ‘Everyday’s War’, ‘The Debt’ and ‘Juanzer’ rumble forward with the enjoyability Eradicator, Sadus and Sinister as well as the likes of Artillery. Naturally, ‘Know Thyself’ is an album which thrashes along at breakneck speed, getting the job done, in and out without too much fucking around in just over 40 without ever really outstaying its welcome.

                However, there isn’t really much here that hasn’t been done before and ‘Know Thyself’ can begin to tread into the realms of a generic thrash sound. Yet, every time this album begins to circle that drain, a track pops up and makes the listener realise that Pirosaint are capable of much more. ‘Know Thyself’ is a good foundation stone for Pirosaint to build from and it will be interesting to see how this band progress from here.

"‘Know Thyself’ is a good foundation stone for Pirosaint to build from"

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