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Edge of Paradise – ‘The Unknown’

Frontiers Records
After Forever, Seven Spires, Enemy Inside
Release Date
September 17, 2021
Frontiers Records
Symphonic/Heavy Metal

On their fourth full-length album, L.A. based Edge of Paradise (EOP) proves they are here to stay. In their ten years, they have truly developed their own sound. They combine epic and sweeping soundscapes with straight-edged Hard Rock and just a hint of Electronica. It’s a unique sound; something I don’t say lightly.

‘Unknown’ is earnest and urgent, evoking all stripes of strife and elements of elation. They clearly have been learning from others and previous endeavors. ‘Unknown’ is a masterful melding of the harsh and the beautiful, blazing musicality and tactful overkill.

A concept album of sorts, some of the subject matter deals with technology, space, and the boundaries of reality. However, even with these themes, one can enjoy the songs as individual tracks as well.

Songs range from dark and trudging (“Bound to the Rhythm”) to the exceedingly powerful (”Unknown”) to buoyant and driving (“Tidal Wave”). I envision a lot of audience engagement with this one.

The band is air-tight, delivering a perfect balance of fluidity and jag. Arresting and airy, Margarita Monet’s vocals seductively sink into the psyche. Her time in theater and years of practice are quite evident. Maybe a little too polished here and there. No one could sound that good…could they?

It is apparent great planning and care went into this album. With each subsequent spin, I find something new to enjoy.  Highly recommended.

"a treasure trove of new things to discover with each subsequent spin"

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