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Thulcandra | Their drummer would win any fight

Thulcandra recently released their most excellent new album “A Dying Wish” and are about to return to the stage for live dates.

Good evening and welcome to Metal Digest!

The new album; I can guess you guys are pretty excited about it; how was the process to get it done with Covid restrictions all the other things that’s going on around us?

Writing “A Dying Wish” took us around two years with plenty of good and bad times aside from the ongoing pandemic. We do not live exactly in the same city, although the band is located in Southern Germany ever since. We tracked drums at FiveLakes Studio with engineer Thomas Taube and recorded all remaining instruments at Klangfabrik Landshut. Both studios are located close to Munich, therefore distances have been moderate, and the album got finished quite soon. Mixing and mastering duties have been taken by Swedish legendary producer Dan Swanö who previously worked with acts such as Opeth, Bloodbath, Dissection, and Katatonia just to mention a few.

Overall, producing the album turned out exciting and the result sounds stellar front to end.

How far around the world do you get to tour this album?

Regarding concerts we are quite picky and accept offers to perform if we agree on the framework around a possible show. We are not limited regarding countries and have been touring throughout Europe in the past decade. The next step for Thulcandra would be a tour in Japan, North America, South America, or Russia at this point.

Crowd pleasers or new material? Let us get inside your head for a moment and please tell us how
you put together a setlist.

“A Dying Wish” becomes the most pleased album for our upcoming live shows while we pick different songs of all previous albums to arrange a dynamic and interesting setlist. We change the setlist every now and then to make sure we cover the entire back catalog of the band.

All songs are crowd-pleasers.

You’re on the tour bus with hours to fill while the crew set everything up; how are you killing time
rather than killing each other? And who would win in a fight?

We rather work with our crew to finish all preparations as a collective instead of wasting time.

Work hard, party hard. Our drummer would win any fight.

You are self-proclaimed fans of Dissection and follow the path of highly melodic Death Metal. Why
do you think this potentially massive genre of Metal is so underrepresented?

When we started Thulcandra back in 2003 the situation has been the same. Barely anyone plays this significant musical style, and a small group of die-hard fans keep the spirit alive. We are glad to be one of the few bands out there following this path and never changed a step regarding music, style, and performance. We are honest to what we do and our loyal fanbase honors this fact. The music might not be popular these days, but we march on and work as hard as ever to spread the word.

THULCANDRA – Nocturnal Heresy (Official Video) | Napalm Records

Are you prepared for hearing this intro played ad nauseam every time you go into a guitar shop?

I would not even notice the music in a well-sorted guitar shop if there were some diamonds hanging on the wall that needs some attention.

Last question, who are you all listening to right now?

Ofermod, The Night Flight Orchestra, Mayhem, Hypocrisy and Bloodbath.

Many thanks for taking the time to speak to us at Metal Digest, we wish you every success you deserve with your latest \m/

Come on in!

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