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Oxygen Destroyer – ‘Sinister Monstrosities Spawned by the Unfathomable Ignorance of Humankind’

Redefining Darkness Records
Kreator, Morbid Angel, Malevolent Creation
Release Date
August 27, 2021
Redefining Darkness Records
Death/Thrash Metal

How does one envision the monster that destroys a city? A country? Perhaps the planet, we may look into literature, movies, whatever it maybe, usually a visual aid is mostly needed so that the imagination can warp itself to see the titan that stands before us mere mortals, the beast that brings forth the annihilation, some may even revere it as a God while others may say it is nature that has willed herself into the flesh. But how does one take the very essence of sound and construct this behemoth? For simply a barrage of obscure noises may never shape itself to even mold such a structure, in the end it would be just that…useless noise.

It is but a blind man pondering to the one with all senses, “What is the sound of sheer destruction?” The answer? Oxygen Destroyer’s ‘Sinister Monstrosities Spawned by the Unfathomable Ignorance of Humankind’. For the very album radiates with great magnitude the unbridled aggression of a beast that knows no master, that heeds no call, but seeks only to devour and dominate those beneath him.

Oxygen Destroyer draws upon the influences of Kaiju medium as well as other science fiction materials, however while it is unique for a Death Metal band to pen its lyrics based upon the aforementioned subject, it is not all the band brings to the table for it is the very noise that is discharged that assembles itself, note by note to erect this Leviathan of a creature.

One of the first noteworthy positives is the production, for the very energy that surges through the tracks strips away the sheen and pristine flesh, leaving behind a mammoth carcass with remnants of its hide clinging to its bones, in other words, the visceral discharge of the album’s sonic assault amplifies the vehemence ingrained in every track. For if a titan were to be unleashed to wreak carnage, its rampage will not be calculated and meticulous, for the beast’s path would be like the roaring sea that knows no control. ‘Sons of Necrobeast’ is a track which is imbued with the goliathan spirit as its aura invigorates the aggression that is dispelled onto the listener.

Even though the album carries a reminiscent feeling to that of Old School Death Metal, what is appreciated is that Oxygen Destroyer doesn’t produce a carbon copy album to entice fans by pulling a veil of nostalgia over their eyes…no, the raw sound is only used as the foundation for the atmosphere that canopies the release. You may realize that I keep pointing out and make references to these God-like monsters that are enough to create fissures with a single step or release a typhoon just by the breathe exhaled from their lungs, this imagery is constructed by both the strings and the percussive elements, for in tangent, they work in unification to expel a discordant pulse that resonates throughout creating the illusion of an inevitable end. ‘Slaughtering of The Guardian Monsters’ and ‘Their Reign has begun’ are tracks which showcase this radiating aura with the drums and guitar working symbiotically producing a crude yet cataclysmic force that can be compared to a beam released from the maw of an ancient beast, the energy that surges and scorches the skies, for the very intensity released from the musical components is enough to eclipse the sun in acrid smoke.

But what is destruction without the spirit of death that lingers above, surveying the rotten fruits of what is to be sown. The stench of radiated flesh and smoke that suffocates the air is emitted from the vox which cloaks paints the ruinous landscape of decimation that ensues. This in turn, provides another highlight for the album as the vocals are enough to rip a chasm within the earth’s surface with the sheer pandemonium contained with each verse.

Now this may seem divisive in what I am about to say, and you may disagree (that’s quite alright) but I believe Oxygen Destroyer has created a rather atmospheric album, for it is not the ambience that resonates with a calming tone fostered by keys or symphonic elements, rather it is the force that compels the destructive nature to bare itself in a manner where the sounds take motion to become a sculpture where you can feel the protrusions, the cracks and where the clay has dried. Oxygen Destroyer has honed the bare bones of Death Metal and crafted a monumental album in my opinion, and to do such without any background elements is rather unique.

"Oxygen Destroyer harnesses the power of nuclear radiation, shapes and morphs its energy to create the sounds upon this album.”

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