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Rage – ‘Resurrection Day’

Accept, Grave Digger, U.D.O., Refuge
Release Date
September 17, 2021
Heavy Metal

                Another year, another Rage album. In fact, without a calendar, its possible to denote a new year with the arrival of a new Rage album and considering the band have been going for 35 years, that is some output of work. This year see’s the release of ‘Resurrection Day’, the latest album from the German metal band.

                This begs the age old question; with an output like this, is it actually possible to keep delivering the goods, album after album or is ‘Resurrection Day’ another album going through the motions as the band run endlessly on the hamster wheel of doom? The answer? Absolutely not. ‘Resurrection Day’ is the sound of a band, well, resurrected and there is no better name for the album. This is Rage at their finest, what the listener gets here are classic heavy metal passages delivered with thunderous drums and bass designed to shake the foundations of your home whilst tracks such as ‘Virginity’, ‘Man in Chains’ and ‘Monetary Gods’ batter with the power of a volcano appealing to fans of Accept, U.D.O. and Grave Digger.

                Realistically, Rage haven’t sounded this good in years and dare it be said, 25 years. In fact, ‘Resurrection Day’ is the best Rage album since 1993’s ‘The Missing Link’ and that is saying something. If ‘Resurrection Day’ is the sound of Rage entering a purple patch, then long may it continue.

If this is the sound of Rage entering a purple patch, long may it continue

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