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The Agonist – ‘Days Before the World Wept’ EP

Napalm Records
Arch Enemy, System Divide, Dark Tranquillity, Karkaos
Release Date
October 15, 2021
Napalm Records
Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore

                It has been nearly 20 years since The Agonist formed and during that time the Quebec band have released an interesting blend of Melodic Death Metal coupled with an undercurrent of Metalcore. This year see’s The Agonist back for the first time since 2019’s ‘Orphans’ with their latest EP ‘Days Before the World Wept’.

                What the lister gets with this latest EP is ‘The Agonist’ blasting forward in full Melodic Death Metal mode and ‘Days Before…’ does accomplish exactly what it sets out to do and that is showcase in five songs what the band is all about. There is a real duality to this EP, from blistering melodic death metal to sombre and beautifully soft passages which really shows off the vocal talents of Vicky Psarakis who soars like Simone Simons one minute before bringing it back with some crushing growls a la Angela Gossow the next. Therefore, this means that tracks such as ‘Immaculate Deception’, ‘Remnants in Time’ and the superb ‘Feast on the Living’ drive forward with all the power of Arch Enemy, Dark Tranquillity and In Flames whilst having the nuances of Light This City, System Divide and Karkaos.

                There is nothing new here, but do we really need that? The answer, no and what The Agonist deliver with ‘Days Before…’ is a solid EP that sets the band up perfectly for another studio album.

'Days Before the World Wept' is a solid EP that sets the band up perfectly for another studio album

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