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Throbbing Pain – ‘Rotten Doctrines’

Independent Release
Inhuman Condition, Tombstoner, Desaster, Endseeker, Daemonicus
Release Date
October 8, 2021
Independent Release
Death Metal

Some bands have a knack of releasing a decent album and then disappearing for an extended period of time before returning and repeating the same process. This is what happened with Throbbing Pain back in 2011 when they released their debut album before disappearing in a cloud of smoke. Ten years have elapsed since this moment, but Throbbing Pain are back with their sophomore album ‘Rotten Doctrines’.

                Normally, a band picks up the pace exactly where they left off, but it would seem in their decade away, Throbbing Pain have been on a diet of death metal. Gone is the thrashing, almost groove metal sound of their debut album and has been replaced by one of old-school death metal. For Throbbing Pain, the sound of ‘Rotten Doctrines’ pays dividends, from tracks of social commentary to your typical gore themed death metal, this album does a bloody good job. Tracks such as ‘Hate Campaign’, ‘Psychopathic Butchery’ and ‘Bloodmoon Massacre’ have all the enjoyability of Tombstoner, Inhuman Condition and Desaster, serving to remind us why we love this genre in the first place.

                With ‘Rotten Doctrines’, Throbbing Pain have taken a chance on a new sound, and it has paid off, this is a great sounding old-school death metal album which deserves to be played over and over again.

A great old-school death metal sounding album that deserves to be played over and over again

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