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The Vegan Cannibals – ‘The Turnip Album’

Independent Release
Mr. Bungle, Devin Townsend, Gorillaz, Baby Metal
Release Date
January 19, 2021
Independent Release
Experimental/Art Metal

Never have I had such varied and extreme responses when playing an album to different people for the first time; “That’s so cool! I want the band as toys for my room”. On the other hand; “Absolute garbage. Quit wasting our time, seriously. An absolute heave ho..GTFO. Time waster”

So, what is it? The Vegan Cannibals are an anonymously concocted animated Metal band who have a fascination with cats; there’s a lot of meows on this album. They are supported by a a full suite immersive experience of a cool web presence, videos, merch, a comic strip, toys and more to come. The noise they make is, to put it mildly, a bit confused. The (real world) musicians are obviously pretty damned talented, the bass playing is technically astonishing in places, the guitar work uses all the sounds that a typical Mike Patten project would use, there’s blast beats and super-fast double kicks. There’s “singing”. The most jarring aspect is the choice of voice/vocalist used. Sounding like a heavily processed survivor of “The Ring” she might be entirely computer generated; or might crawl out of your TV and kill you in your sleep.

In case of the latter; here’s an instrumental as a taster.

(I think that video contains around 75% RDA of “WTF” for an adult).

I kind of get what the gig is with this. It’s someone with enormous talent and a bizarre imagination having a giggle playing around with the concept of multi-discipline promotion. (Think Les Claypool or Devin as possible examples). Or it’s someone with very little musical talent trying to sell dolls and merch. (Think Kiss).

Either way it’s going to be divisive, and will either just disappear, or be FUCKING EVERWHERE.

"average across the concept, fun-factor and the music; The lead guitarist would make a great plush-toy for watching movies with though, and I like purple"

Come on in!

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