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Lords of Black – ‘Alchemy of Souls: Part II’

Frontiers Records
Rainbow, The Ferrymen, Masterplan, Dio
Release Date
October 15, 2021
Frontiers Records
Heavy/Power Metal

                Ronnie Romero may currently be one of the most sought-after voices in hard rock/heavy and power metal. Recently, the man has fronted several projects and appeared as a guest on numerous tracks, but it is with his home band Lords of Black (LoB), where Romero really shines through. Last year, the Spanish band released ‘Alchemy of Souls: Part I’, their first instalment of their ambitious concept album and now, LoB are back with their follow up aptly titled ‘Alchemy of Souls: Part II’.

                LoB are now five albums into their career and have pretty much nailed down their sound, it is one that although power metal in nature, carries a huge undercurrent of classic sounding heavy metal which has the opportunity to appeal to a huge demographic. Therefore, it is no surprise that this continues with ‘…Part II’ as the band sound tighter and more composed now than they have ever been, which in essence has allowed them to pull off such an ambitious two-part album. Tracks such as ‘Death Dealer’, ‘What’s Become of Us’ and the powerful ‘Fated to Be Destroyed’ show just how far LoB have come since their earlier days of basically sounding like Rainbow on steroids.

                However, the same issue plagues ‘…Part II’ which has followed LoB from the very start, clocking in at over an hour, ‘…Part II’ can be a gruelling challenge where several parts meander on much longer than needs be with what could be an excellent album, sadly dropping down a couple of notches where several parts wouldn’t be missed, had they never been there. This aside, LoB have once again hit the nail on the head, both the musicianship and vocals are second to none and it wouldn’t be surprising if ‘…Part II’ makes its way into the longer albums of the year lists.

Lords of Black return to finish hammering in the nail they started with 'Alchemy of Souls: Part I'

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