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A Permanent Shadow’s Top 5

Electronic Rock with a dark twist, influenced by Synthpop and Postpunk but with both feet firmly in the NOW. Their heroes are David Bowie, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, Nine Inch Nails amongst many others.

They don’t write love songs. You’ll find songs about self-help gurus, tsunamis, the corporate world, aging…

In about one month they’ll have a new single, and we grabbed the opportunity to have a chat with CP Fletcher and set up their own TOP 5

TOP 5 pieces of equipment that every musician must own.

  1. Roland Octapad – priceless for rhythmic inspiration and cheap eighties drum machine sounds
  2. VE500 voice effect box – I’m especially fond of the Vocoder and Radio options
  3. Squire J Mascis Jazzmaster and Fender Pro Junior Tweed – for guitar effects that do NOT sound like anybody else
  4. Any Moog synth – none of our music would sound like it does without the Moog treatment
  5. A Fuzzbox – you can run ANY instrument through the Fuzzbox and make it sound really dirty

TOP 5 pieces of advice NOT to follow, to make it in the music industry.

Spend money on playlist promotion

Go with big and expensive promotion companies

Think that a good song will find an audience eventually

Moan and whine about the state of the music business

Play free shows for “promotion” at your local pub

TOP 5 clicks on your playlist. What are you currently listening to, on repeat?

  1. John Grant – Boy from Michigan
  2. Halsey – If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power
  3. The Psychedelic Furs – Made of Rain
  4. Paul Weller – Fat Pop Volume One
  5. The Anchoress – The Art of Losing

TOP 5 adventures you’ve been on with the band.

  1. We once played a laundromat – the washing machines were louder than the music.
  2. At a show in Andorra our guitar player blacked out after a rough night and woke up with his fingers broken – that was the end of that.
  3. We played in Madrid to an audience of one – it was not a great experience, to be honest.
  4. While recording a live in studio session a water pipe broke – it all got a bit TITANIC.
  5. I played the drums on our second album, and my timing could be deemed as adventurous.

TOP 5 ways in which your band is awesome.

  1. It’s awesome in that A Permanent Shadow is not a band per se, just me with a rotating cast of musicians. I hate the traditional band constellation.
  2. Our first album got a shout-out from Simple Minds for our cover of one of their songs – it was Xmas and all my birthdays rolled into one.
  3. We don’t write love songs. You’ll find songs about self-help gurus, tsunamis, the corporate world, aging etc. on our new album “Humdrum” though.
  4. Our videos rule. We work with this amazing director called Dani Moreno. All the videos are filmed in his backyard and in post-production he spreads his incredible magic.
  5. We have a song about the passing of David Bowie called “Sailor”. David Bowie was the most awesome person on the planet, so by writing a song about him hopefully some of his awesomeness sprinkled onto ourselves.

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