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Crisix – ‘The Pizza EP’

Listenable Records
D.R.I., Municipal Waste, Iron Reagan, Booby Trap, Suicidal Tendencies
Release Date
September 10, 2021
Listenable Records
Thrash Metal/Crossover

The start to the 20’s has been, to the say the least, shit. The world has been locked down and reopened more times than a child’s jack-in-a-box and the people have been walking around underneath a canopy of melancholy and malaise. Therefore, a cure has been proposed with Crisix’s latest release ‘The Pizza EP’.

                With all this in mind, has there ever been a better time for some big, dumb fun? The answer. No. What the Spanish thrashers deliver with ‘The Pizza EP’ is a release of enjoyable thrash with silly overtones whose sole purpose is to make the listener smile and forget about how grim everything currently is. Crisix do this with ease, clocking in at 11 minutes this EP lasts longer than a 13 year old boy adding to tissue mountain in his bedroom, but the fun is the same. Tracks such as ‘No Tip for the Kid’ and the anthemic ‘World Needs Mosh’ show a band thoroughly enjoying themselves with a thrashing/crossover sound that wouldn’t be out of place in a tiny, sweaty dive bar having all the appeal of D.R.I., Municipal Waste and Booby Trap.

                ‘The Pizza EP’ is exactly what every thrash fan needs. It’s stupid, it’s silly and at times it even borders on lame, but it is a fuck load of fun. There will be a thousand releases better than this EP this year, but it is doubtful that any will raise a smile in the way that Crisix do.

it is doubtful that any release this year will raise a smile in the way that 'The Pizza EP' does

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