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Raven Black Night – ‘Run With the Raven’

Pentagram, Saint Vitus, Candlemass
Release Date
Doom Metal

Doom, that age old genre that swings between generic Black Sabbath worship and endless stoned droning. Yet, every now and then, a band pops up and stands up by offering something a little different. Last year, it was the turn of Raven Black Night (RBN) as the Australian band released their third studio offering with ‘Run With the Raven’.

                The first thing that hits the listener like a two-tonne heavy thing with ‘Run…’ is the sheer rawness of this album. It’s barely over demo quality. It is so raw; it is still wriggling and Iain Duncan Smith has deemed that it is fit to work. This rawness gives ‘Run…’ all the qualities of those early doom releases by the likes of Pentagram, Saint Vitus and of course, Candlemass. However, as raw as ‘Run…’ is, it is the vocals of ‘Jim the White Knight’ which provide this album with somewhat of an acquired taste having a voice that is highly reminiscent of Mark Shelton from Manilla Road and therefore if that voice isn’t the listeners liking, then it is likely that RBN will not make their crotch twitch.

                All this aside, there is a lot here that is actually quite good and whilst it may not appeal to everyone, there are a select number of doom fans who will thoroughly enjoy ‘Run…’

doom fans will thoroughly enjoy ‘Run With the Raven’

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