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Embr – ‘1021’

New Heavy Sounds
Horehound, Ex People, The White Swan, Year of the Cobra
Release Date
September 3, 2021
New Heavy Sounds
Doom/Stoner Metal

Some bands push themselves exceptionally hard, not content with resting on their laurels, they continue to challenge and push themselves. Thus, on the back of their ‘1823’ debut studio album released last year, Embr are back once again with another EP that sticks with the numbers theme by being named ‘1021’.

                Evidently, Embr can’t wait to jump headlong back into the fray and yet, ‘1021’ already shows the band continuing to evolve. Those who know Embr’s brand of doom will be comfortable with a spacious sound that appealed to fans of Year of the Cobra and Lucifer, but now Embr are pushing towards exploring a heavier sound. The three tracks here are all new; ‘Vesuvius’, ‘Born’ and ‘A Grave for the Axe’ rattle the speakers as Embr incorporate a stoner and even sludgey vibes which drag ‘1021’ into the gutter with all the appeal of Horehound, Ex People and The White Swan. Yet, the music here isn’t anything new, but what does cut like a knife through the mix are the vocals of Crystal Bigelow whose voice flutters ethereally before stinging the listener with a killing roar that serves to remind us exactly what Embr are capable of.

                ‘1021’ is a decent EP of doom, those fans of this genre who like to collect and go out of their way to get their paws on releases will find something very good to enjoy, but sadly, passing listeners aren’t exactly going to be rushing out.

‘1021’ is a decent EP of doom that collectors will relish the chance to search out

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