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Ministry – ‘Moral Hygiene’

Nuclear Blast Records
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Release Date
October 1, 2021
Nuclear Blast Records

There are many musicians, both falling on the left and right wing who get involved with political commentary and Al Jourgensen often puts himself directly in the firing line. Ministry received a lot of attention for their 2018 album ‘AmeriKKKant’ and now the industrial giants are back with their latest album ‘Moral Hygiene’.

                There has been a consistent sound to Ministry in the last few years; the band have charged forward with a wall of sound that aggressively attacks the listener with a bass heavy assault laden with enough distortion to blow up a tube television. This is all interspersed with elements of sampling and fluid bass runs that always threaten to quake your speakers into dust. This provides the perfect backdrop for Jourgensen’s soapbox tirades; Ministry are no stranger to keeping their finger on the pulse and ‘Moral Hygiene’ follows plenty of the trends from the last few years. Therefore, there are overarching themes here from climate change, through fake news, COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter all presented through the standard Ministry vibe with even Jello Biafra chipping in for ‘Sabotage is Sex’.

                This means that ‘Moral Hygiene’ is a little predictable, anyone who has heard the last few Ministry albums will know exactly what this album sounds like. When it boils down to it, if you as the listener disagrees with Jourgensen’s ideology then ‘Moral Hygiene’ will probably not be for you, but taken at face value then ‘Moral Hygiene’ is a decent industrial album.

Anyone who has heard the last few Ministry albums will know exactly what 'Moral Hygiene' sounds like

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