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White City Graves – ‘One Of Us’

Independent Release
Clutch, White Zombie, Danzig
Release Date
August 20, 2021
Independent Release
Horror Punk

People are naturally inclined to gravitate towards familiarities. As such, WCG will be compared to White Zombie, Misfits, and the like, but overall, they have their own distinct sound. It just takes a few listens for it to become clear. It would be interesting to see them branch up and out beyond the Horror-tinged realms, leaving the core sound intact of course. The talent and zeal are quite apparent. My gut tells me they could be seriously huge.

 ‘One of Us’ delivers huge doses of great Hard Rock with a piercing Metal edge. Mix in a little Rockabilly overdrive here and there, and you have a fantastic combination. WCG packs their sound with killer riffs and grooves and attitude. Then cap it off with a bit of (gasp) fun, and it’s unbeatable. The sense the guys are enjoying themselves is palpable. This is refreshing and enjoyable, but don’t worry. This album absolutely ROCKS.

 Highlights include “Manifesto,” a relentless crusher featuring shifting meters, impassioned vocals you can actually understand (sorry RZ), and a refrain of WHAT NOW? Something I am sure we’ve been muttering as of late. It is heavy and melodic cannot be played too loudly.

 “Brooks Was Here” is a nod to The Shawshank Redemption character. That’s my interpretation and I’m sticking with it. “Brooks” is driving and bleak and paints a dismal portrait using only dark colours. Evoking stunning visuals, it is an amazing track.

The truth is, I could have labelled any song as a highlight. It is all good stuff.  The grit and emotion from WCG is legit. Keep them on your radar; I certainly will be.

this grit and emotion pouring from White City Graves is legit

Come on in!

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