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Lower 13 – ‘Embrace the Unknown’

Pure Steel Records
The Raven Age, Black Tide, Taking Dawn, Trivium
Release Date
August 27, 2021
Pure Steel Records
Heavy Metal/Melodic Metalcore

                It is quite en vogue at the moment to not pigeonhole yourself into one genre by encompassing many different sounds into your work. Throughout the course of their career, Lower 13 have taken this into their stride culminating in the release of their fourth studio album ‘Embrace the Unknown’.

                Lower 13 have already taken modern heavy metal and hard rock under their wing and now with the release of ‘Embrace the Unknown’, the Ohio band are continuing to take a step forward in their sound by embracing melodic metalcore. Naturally, Lower 13 take to this like a duck to water, moulding it into their sound like they’ve been doing it for years as tracks such as ‘Reflection of Me’, ‘Self Sabotage’ and ‘Heal’ all show elements of Black Tide, Trivium and even Taking Dawn; yet the emphasis on the melodies here are coupled with a clean and harsh vocal dynamic would appeal to fans of The Raven Age and Meshiaak.

However, there isn’t anything here that the listener will not have heard before and there isn’t anything wrong with that. Yes, it may be a little generic at times, but the sounds within ‘Embrace the Unknown’ will appeal to a wide demographic within contemporary metal. Yet, if this doesn’t sound appealing, then it isn’t worth trying; however, if this all sounds up your street, then you may just find your latest album to obsess over.  

‘Embrace the Unknown’ will appeal to a wide demographic within contemporary metal

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