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Desecrator – ‘Summoning’

Independent Release
Agggressor, Gama Bomb, Heathen
Release Date
August 27, 2021
Independent Release
Thrash Metal

Turn the world upside down and look at the Southern Hemisphere, you’ll find that Australia has become a real hotbed of thrash metal with hundreds of bands fighting their way across the territories to establish themselves. One such band are Desecrator who are back for the first time since 2017 with their sophomore album ‘Summoning’.

                What Desecrator have delivered with ‘Summoning’ is a furious thrashing album; it is an album which doesn’t let up, it powers forward with all the good friendly violent fun need to make a thrash album enjoyable. Therefore, tracks such as ‘Manic’, ‘Hate at First Sight’ and ‘The Devil You Know’ are decent examples of contemporary thrash metal having all the appeal of Agggressor as well as Gama Bomb but without the silly lyrics. Furthermore, ‘Summoning’ is not just a blatant hammer away at the lower string with a few added notes in for comfort, there is a technical edge this album and that gives ‘Summoning’ a feel of something that is akin to the likes of Heathen. All this does mean that there actually isn’t anything here that the listener hasn’t heard before, the rasping vocals and aggressive gang backing all nodding to a very contemporary thrash sound as Desecrator pick up from Warbringer and Havok.

                Regardless of this, ‘Summoning’ is an exercise in ‘you don’t have to do anything new’ to make a decent album and therefore, fans of thrash metal are bound to lap this release up.  

'Summoning' is a decent album that thrash fans will lap up

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