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Metal Moodboard | SON OF A SHOTGUN

Welcome to Metal Digest’s Metal Mood board.

Our vision is to create a collage that conveys the ideas and concept of bands and artists alike, and define their identity in the most unconventional and fun way.

This time we’re working with Son of a Shotgun!

Son Of A Shotgun started in 2015 in Norway, Kristiansand, by the mind & hand of the guitar player Ivan Meathook Gujic of Norway’s meanest death metal band Blood Red Throne. SOAS started as a one-man band, with Meathook serving as the songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. The debut album “Mexican Standoff”, released in 2017, featured Jan Axel Blomberg “Hellhammer” (Mayhem, Acturus), Damege Karlsen (Breed, Chrome Division), and Maurice Adams (Breed, Motorfinger).

So, let’s get started!

5 Clicks on your playlist.

I listen to a lot of different styles and bands.

Metal. Country. Rap. Blues. Reggae.

1 piece of equipment every musician should own


A must-have skill to make it in the music industry

Handle pressure.

3 albums you grew up listening to

The great southern trenkill.


Prowler in the yard.

Top 2 values you consider before making important career decisions

Good planing.

Knowing the people I’m working with.

Your failproof source of inspiration.

Definitely myself and my hero Dimebag Darrell.

Let’s see what their metal moldboard looks like!

Line up:
Kriss “The Fuze”: drums
Stian “Gundownyourson”: bass
Henrik “Nomansland”: vocal cords
Lennart von Essen: guitar
Ivan Meathook Gujic: guitars, vocals



Come on in!

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