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A Pale Horse Named Death – ‘Infernum in Terra’

Long Branch Records
Type O Negative, Alice In Chains, Paradise Lost, Woods of Ypres
Release Date
September 24, 2021
Long Branch Records
Doom/Gothic Metal

Formed by ex-Life of Agony man Sal Abruscato in 2010, A Pale Horse Named Death (APHND) in the last decade have become one of the premier Gothic/doom bands to emerge from North America. Following on from their critically acclaimed ‘When the World Becomes Undone’ in 2019, APHND are back with their latest release ‘Infernum in Terra’.               

                With ‘Infernum in Terra’, fans of APHND will know exactly what they are getting themselves in for; this is a band which have taken on the mantle of Type O Negative following Peter Steele’s death and created their definitive sound as Abruscato and co show that they are masters of their craft. Tracks such as ‘Two Headed Snake (Propofol Dreams)’, ‘Believe in Something (You Are Lost)’ and ‘Reflections of the Dead’ show what Type O Negative would sound like if they adopted the Alice in Chains drone. Furthermore, in true APHND style, ‘Infernum in Terra’ contains musical interludes that as well as serving to subdivide the album, they create unique soundscapes that have a movie soundtrack feel to them that increase tension and suspense through their beautiful multi-layers.

                This is another solid offering from APHND, yes, it doesn’t do anything unexpected or beyond their remit, but fans of Gothic/doom will enjoy it nonetheless.

Another solid offering from A Pale Horse Named Death

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