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Dark Arena – ‘Worlds of Horror’

Pure Steel Records
Queensrÿche, Crimson Glory, Judas Priest, Agent Steel, Sanctuary
Release Date
August 27, 2021
Pure Steel Records
Progressive Power/Melodic Thrash Metal

Sometimes, bands can pour their heart and soul into every release and despite their blood, sweat and tears within each song, very few of the heavy metal world takes notice, instead deciding to argue over the same rhetoric that’s been going on online for the last 25 years. One such band are Dark Arena, who have released their fourth studio album ‘Worlds of Horror’.

                The first thing to note is that ‘Worlds of Horror’ is an excellent album of heavy metal. This is the sound of a band blending classic heavy metal, thrash metal and overtones of power metal with large lashings of progressive metal. This means that tracks such as ‘Dark Arena’, ‘Bite the Bullet’, ‘Annunaki Arise’ and the title track drive forward with all the power of Crimson Glory and Agent Steel playing with Queensrÿche whilst Judas Priest watches. In fact, ‘Worlds of Horror’ is the album that Queensrÿche should have been making in the late 90’s and 2000’s instead of arsing around with chancing at the contemporary trends especially as Juan Ricardo delivers the best Queensrÿche voice this side of Geoff Tate and Todd LaTorre.  Furthermore, the guitar work from Paul Konjicija stands as an excellent epitaph to the guitarist who has since passed away.

                Fans of this sound will love ‘Worlds of Horror’. It may not get the accolades that will be laid upon the ‘big’ releases of the year, but one thing is certain; ‘Worlds of Horror’ can go face to face against any of the releases from big bands this year and these underdogs will still come out on top.

‘Worlds of Horror’ can go face to face against any of the releases from big bands and these underdogs will come out on top

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