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The Rods – ‘Wild Dogs’ (Reissue)

High Roller Records
Anvil, Helix, Krokus, Rainbow, Foreigner
Release Date
September 24, 2021
High Roller Records
Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

This month see’s the continuing reissue of The Rods’ early discography by High Roller Records and this time it is the turn of ‘Wild Dogs’ as The Rods continue to plough their own furrow within the hard rock scene of the early 80’s.

                Once more, ‘Wild Dogs’ is an excellent reissue and it is everything that could be wanted by fans of The Rods. It is an album which see’s the band consolidating their hard rock sound. Very much like their earlier release, there is little that sounds like The Rods, they almost perfectly manage to blend a North American rock sound with that of European heavy metal as tracks ‘Rockin n’ Rollin’ Again’, ‘The Night Lives to Rock’ and ‘Burned By Love’ have all the hallmarks of not only Anvil and Helix (gimmie an R!), but also that of Krokus and Rainbow. By this point, vocalist Feinstein has got his song writing down to fine art and whilst there are still the obligatory cover version, this time courtesy of The Supremes’ ‘You Keep Me Hangin’ On’, a staple of those late 60’s/early 70’s acts who gushed themselves silly over Vanilla Fudge, ‘Wild Dogs’ is a powerful statement of what The Rods are all about.

                Anyone who has a vested interest in early 80’s hard rock and heavy metal who hasn’t heard this should go out and pick it up, they won’t be disappointed and those who have heard it would do well to return it into their possession; it is a very, very good reissue.

a very, very good reissue

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