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The Rods – ‘The Rods’ (Reissue)

High Roller Records
Bad Company, Tygers of Pan Tang, The Dogs, Anvil
Release Date
September 24, 2021
High Roller Records
Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

In the mid-80s, my friend Rob had a Chevy Chevette. Zero to 60 in about 15 minutes and enough stereo power for ten other vehicles. It was a time of innocence (sorta), blasting the tunes and mullets. Don’t forget the mullets. This album takes me back to those wonderous days with all the needles buried firmly in the red.

‘The Rods’ is quintessential 80s. Slick Bluesy guitar riffs tied to air-tight bass that is way too high in the mix, but it really works nicely. Solos are not flash-packed, but more emotive. Perfectly interwoven, they arc and ache, scream and wail, nestling into just the right spot. And then there are the lyrics. Not gonna lie; there is more than a bit of cheese here, but it was 1981 and this is par for these glorious times. Filled with killer hooks, a bit of improv, and brimming with the emotion only an earnest debut can bring, this album is a blast.

In 1982, The Rods were tapped by Iron Maiden to be one of their openers for their tour. As I understand it, Maiden has done pretty well for themselves. Apparently, they saw something in the fledgling band with merely one album. That “something” is on full display here. Musically, vocally, and lyrically (cheese included), ‘The Rods’ is worth several spins down memory lane…just maybe not in a Chevette.

Filled with killer hooks, this album is a blast

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