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Fotocrime – ‘Heart of Crime’

Profound Love
Devo, Cabaret Voltaire, The Pop Group
Release Date
August 27, 2021
Profound Love
Post-Punk, EDM, New Wave

It’s an odd time to be alive. Punk is fading fast and becoming a category rather than a genre. Safety pins have become entirely optional as jewellery; just as much as guitars are becoming optional as instruments. Reagan and Thatcher dominate the political sphere with a new doctrine of neo-liberalism and faux-christian values The Police (of all people!) have just released a pseudo-Metal song with an ACTUAL SOLO. It’s late 1983 and a young Trent Reznor is a freshman in college,and being exposed to college radio for the first time; new and exciting sounds. From across the pond comes the sea change of Post Punk, New Wave, and proto-Industrial. Joy Division, The Chameleons, Devo, The Cure, Cabaret Voltaire, The Pop Group, Bauhaus, Killing Joke, The Sisters of Mercy. Fast forward to 2021 and Trent is a happily married middle-aged man with a day job as an Oscar winning score composer. But there’s something about that distant time when Siouxsie Sue enthralled the stage that still resonates. We’re still no further forwards with saving the planet, or any semblance of peace than we were back then.

“And if your children forget to say their prayers, take them by the legs and throw them down the stairs!”

Ryan Patterson, multi-instrumentalist and composer brings us his third album under the “Fotocrime” name, and brings that distinctly British Post-Punk era vividly back to life with lyrics and themes that are right at the zeitgeist, and are just as relevant for today as they would have in 1983.

To so comfortably pick up and run with the suffocating feeling of early 80’s Britain shows how far down America has been dragged in the last few years. It was shit guys, don’t try copy it. The positive side is that the horrors of Thatcher-era Britain gave us some of the most iconic bands and songs that may ever exist. Fotocrime take a snapshot of the brilliance that emerged from adversity and polish it quite deftly.

It’s not Metal, but it’s quality

Come on in!

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