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Ritualism With Lotan

Lotan is a new 2020 melodic black metal band hailing from Denmark, They have just released their 2nd EP ‘Angelus Pestis’ only months after their first EP,
Although Lotan keeps themselves very busy we’ve managed to snag some time from them to let our audience in on some of their secrets.

Metal Digest had a chat with Lotan about ‘Angelus Pestis EP’, Ritualism & What is next for Lotan.

Welcome To Metal Digest!

Hej Lotan! I would like to start by saying congratulations on ‘Angelus Pestis’, your 2nd EP release in a year!
That’s quite the achievement, how is everyone feeling over there now that it’s out there in the world?

Hi, Metal Digest! Thank you! All is well here in Denmark! We are happy to be able to talk to you guys.

It’s been fun creative progress to work on these two EP´s and we are far from finished writing! There is more to come! Covid has been a break from the “real-world” and made it possible to get creative during isolation.

You must have been super creative & productive over this last year to get so much work done, how have you managed to stay sane & on track while the rest of the world was going crazy?

I guess we found sense in the creative process. A sense of a goal and something to do during the pandemic. In many ways, 2020 has been a year of insight. We used it to create music, some did other creative stuff but this was our contribution. We have a clear vision of what we want Lotan to be and where we want to be with Lotan.

Are you planning a short much-needed break from creative writing or are you just getting started?

Not at all! We are actually writing a full-length record now and trying to get as many shows as possible to spread the word of the dragon!

‘Angelus Pestis’ is Latin roughly translated to ‘Angel Of The Plague’, is there a back story for this name?

The name refers to two things. First of all the era, a hint to the many pandemics that have ravaged humankind, again and again, it’s like the 5th un-named rider of the apocalypse. One of the few things that bring humankind to its knees. The second is the reflection of the knowledge of the past, do we really learn? do we succumb to ignorance, pride, and blind belief? Will the angels of the plague win? Will humanity ever learn or simply repeat ourselves? The song Interitus also touches that subject, it seems like we are becoming more and more blind towards history as a society.

Phillip Kaaber – guitars, bass
Martin Rubini – vocals


Come on in!

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