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Black Mass – ‘Feast at the Forbidden Tree’

Redefining Darkness Records
Sodom, Venom, Kreator, Slayer
Release Date
September 10, 2021
Redefining Darkness Records
Thrash Metal

Black Mass are a band which have been riding the crest of the wave of thrash metal resurgence. In their relatively short 11-year career, the Boston thrashers have gone from strength to strength delivering a sophomore album in ‘Warlust’ that stopped at nothing short of excellent and this year has Black Mass returning with their third offering ‘Feast at the Forbidden Tree’.

                Well, if ‘Warlust’ was right up your alley, then get ready for a new alley cat strutting about the scene as ‘Feast…’ picks up exactly where Black Mass left off last time with an album which is utterly furious as it thunders forward at breakneck speed. Black Mass are a band which don’t pussyfoot around, tracks such as ‘Dead to the World’, ‘Nothing is Sacred’ and ‘They Speak in Tongues’ are wholly reminiscent of not only Motörhead and Venom, but also has the ability to give any fan of early Slayer and Sodom a tingle in their dingle. Yet, what was pure, unadulterated hero worship on that debut album, has now morphed into a band with their own sound and vision as ‘Feast…’ delivers a meaty album with the gristle and sinew still present; yes, it is raw and yes, the production sounds like it was done in a shed in 1983, but who fucking cares, this is as real as it gets and Black Mass are a pillar of integrity.

                Black Mass have released another excellent album of metal thrashin’ madness and if thrash metal with a blackened edge is your pint of beer, then ‘Feast…’ is most definitely for you.

Black Mass have released another excellent album of thrash metal

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