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Andrew Cantwell – ‘The Singles’

Independent Release
Neil Finn, Townes Vans Zandt, Tom Paxton
Independent Release
Acoustic Rock/Indie

Normally, I share commentary on music with a harder edge, but having grown up with virtually every type of music under the sun, I have an appreciation for it all. Sure, I enjoy a good 15/8, multi-tracked science project of an album as much as the next guy, but Cantwell’s songs prove the more simplistic end of the spectrum can be just as effective…if not more so. 

Cantwell’s songs are of every day and for the everyman. They are simple, but effective with subtle undertones of complexity. Plainly stated, they feel like home.

 Finely crafted toe-tappers rich with refreshing immediacy (“Watching the World Go By”) and lightly bouncing sing-a-longs (“Lockdown Love”) feel friendly and familiar. I found myself interjecting my own lyrics and alternate bass lines, making the songs my own. At times, Cantwell’s vocals remind me of Neil Finn, but with a shimmer of Scottish brogue peeking through now and again. Guitars are clean and crisp, with playing reminiscent of understated guitar mastery of Michael Timmons (Cowboy Junkies) with solos in the jangly vein of Peter Buck. Perfectly suited for Cantwell’s earnest vocal delivery.

“How Long Will I Love You” is a dainty ode to love and the loved. Featuring a lovely female accompaniment, it is a bit saccharine for my tastes, but that is just me.

The sparse and haunting “Will You” paints a portrait of an evening’s end. Its abrupt ending and lack of resolution were no doubt by design, but…Mr. Cantwell, tell me, how did the evening end?

Nothing flashy here. Just a man sharing thoughts amidst beautiful ringing tones. Sometimes, that is exactly what is needed. Will Cantwell become a household name? Probably not. Is that what he wants in the first place? Probably not. Whatever his ambition, whatever the outcome, Mr. Cantwell, you have a new fan across the Pond.

Nothing flashy here. Just a man sharing thoughts amidst beautiful ringing tones

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