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Tales and Legends – ‘The Struggle of the Gods’

Punishment 18 Records
Bloodbound, HammerFall, Dream Evil, Iron Maiden
Release Date
September 24, 2021
Punishment 18 Records
Power Metal

Incorporating mythology into metal has always been power metal 101, the bread and butter of the movement that has happily bobbed along for the last 40 years. This year has Patrik J. Selleby of Bloodbound returning with his new project Tales and Legends (TaL) who drop their debut album ‘Struggle of the Gods’

                Fans of Bloodbound will know exactly what to expect here, Selleby may not have been the original vocalist of the band, but over the last decade, the vocalist has come to be adored by fans as the voice of one of Sweden’s premier power metal bands. That voice transposes perfectly to TaL as the band deliver something that is nothing short of brilliant. This is every power metal fans wet dream, there are quick fire guitars, galloping rhythms and soaring vocals that are coupled to an enjoyable story centring around Egyptian mythology that also takes in trips to Greece and Scandinavia. Yep, ‘Tales…’ really goes all out as it pits Horus against Seth across an epic battlefield of music as tracks such as ‘The Seven Gates’, ‘Epic Ride of Horus’ and the immense closing title track would make any fan of Bloodbound, Iron Maiden and Avantasia run out immediately and purchase this power metal beast.

                ‘Tales…’ may arrive without pomp and ceremony, but it is quietly one of the best power metal albums released this year.

quietly one of the best power metal albums released this year

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