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The Art Of Daily Insanity’s Chronicles Of War – Behind the scenes with Felix Pirk

Welcome to a special feature by METAL DIGEST, highlighting our favorite creatives and the stories behind some of their most memorable moments.

Today we’re getting behind the scenes with Felix Pirk.

Band manager, artist, lighting designer, replacement drummer for DAILY INSANITY, Head of Marketing at Rotten And Poor Promotion.


What’s your background?

How did you get involved in so many different areas of the music industry?

Well, pure interest. You wouldn’t do all this stuff when you’re not interested in the music business.

Our generation is the first generation to have a more holistic approach to management. And I see that you really got involved with Daily Insanity. Lights, drums, marketing, artwork. Could you describe the experience from your side?

The basic division of labor at Daily Insanity is basically: the band makes the music, I do the rest – and in the end, that’s easier said than done haha. The band has become almost a full-time job. There is so much to do. And if you’re at the forefront anyway, you jump in when something needs to be done. And then it can also happen that suddenly you are part of the band and you have to play the drums haha. Daily Insanity isn’t just a band, it’s a vision, an idea… that the band and I are pursuing. We have goals that we want to achieve. I think that is also the only way to assert oneself in the music world. You have to have a lot of self-confidence, otherwise, you can go home straight away.

What’s your idea of success?

For me personally, success is having achieved what I set out to do, even if it is a very small thing.

Have you been strategizing how you want to brand yourself?

No never. I’ve always done everything on a gut feeling. And that worked pretty well so far.

How do you build a social network that will help you and the band(s) you manage continue to grow?

When you’re good, it arises by itself. Good things always get around. You just need to figure out what or who is good and bad for the band.

How do you build financial stability in the metal music industry?

Have good ideas, stay true to yourself, and do it your own way. Try to stay unique.

As a manager, your main job is to make way for others and bring others to the spotlight. Do you find it challenging to make space for others instead of yourself?

I never wanted to be in the spotlight. I’ve always been more interested in what happened for example backstage. So I don’t have a big problem with making space for others. And that I’m not standing on stage during a show doesn’t mean that I’m not part of the band. At the lighting desk, for example, I feel like I’m playing a show too.

And what’s the point of being in the spotlight when you can be the lord of the spotlight? 😀


We recently featured Daily Insanity on our ‘Metal Shots’ column, as they have recently released ‘The Reckoning’, the first official single and the first insight into their highly anticipated new album CHRONICLES OF WAR.

What made you say ‘yes’ to managing the band?

In the end, I kicked the guys in the ass back in 2015 and brought Daily Insanity to life. So it was obvious that I would be the manager of the band.

Is your relationship strictly professional or are you friends as well?

Well, since bandleader Gene is my father, I would say we are friends and family. 🙂

DAILY INSANITY’s drummer Gustl suffered a serious hand injury during the recordings of the new album and you took over. That’s impressive! What was the experience like?

I’m extremely proud and honored to have been chosen by the band to play the drums. It’s the first time that music with me on the drums is getting released and I’m still excited as hell! I know that it’s hard for a musician if someone needs to replace him and it was definitely a hard time for Gustl. But I think we made the best out of it and produced some pretty good music.

What’s the best part of being their manager and what is the most challenging one?

I like being on tour and to impress the fans again and again with our concerts, good music, cool videos or artworks. I think there’s no challenging part for me.

But maybe I’m the most challenging part for the band haha.


You created the stunning cover art for ‘The Reckoning’.

How did you approach the task? Can you walk us through the creative process?

Our singer Hans told me the story of the song and his cover idea. He had the idea with the shadow of a guy who’s carrying a chopped-off head. The chopped-off head goes back to the hydra thing he came up within the lyrics. Hydra is a many-headed monster from Greek mythology. If she loses a head, two new ones grow, and the head in the middle is immortal. However, the guy in the lyrics of the song is determined enough to kill hydra and even the head in the middle. I created some quick drawings for me to work with. The cover artwork is based on a photo of me / my shadow. Yes, it’s me carrying the head haha. I added the abstract background with some marching soldiers and I added some blood and flames. I wanted to create something really abstract, something inconspicuous, which I think worked out quite well.

When it comes to album covers, the aesthetic exploration has to be in line with the overall album concept and enhance the perception of the album itself. How do you achieve that?

In the case of Daily Insanity, I often go to band rehearsals and notice what the band is doing and which direction it is going. In the meantime, I keep thinking about it and always try to come up with new ideas. It all goes hand in hand. And as already mentioned, there is a vision behind everything, in which aesthetics play a very large role and which I pay attention to always and everywhere. That’s also why a lot of the ideas for album and song titles and themes are coming from me.

Did the band get a say or you had complete creative control?

I have creative control.

What do you want people to feel when they see the artwork?

The “Chronicles Of War” album cover artwork? I want people to feel the frosty wind of the dark side of war. 🙂

Thank you for being on Metal Digest, Felix! We can’t wait to see what the future brings for you!

Thank YOU!

About the single cover artworks:

I Am The Mission:
This artwork was the most challenging one. We had the rough idea of a lonely soldier, fulfilling his mission anywhere in the desert. I tried out a lot of ideas, but the band was never satisfied with it. One day I came up with this artwork. I really liked it, but the band was a bit skeptical. In the end, no one had a better idea, so we used it as the single cover artwork and everyone liked it so far. Lucky me. 🙂

The artwork for Sleepless is based on a picture of our singer Hans. He also had the idea of a cover artwork that shows a person wide-opened eyes who is… sleepless. The blood shall reinforce the fact that you often get red eyes when you are sleepless… and the person on the cover has been sleepless for so long that the blood is already dripping from his eyes. A little bit brutal, I know. I love horror movies. 😀  

It Doesn’t Matter:
This one was a last-second artwork. I knew the song would be about gas attacks and the victims of war, but it took a while till I came up with the final cover idea. This artwork is based on a photo of a child wearing a gas mask. I added some gas smoke and fire effects and created the three scary “gas mask creatures” in the background which are representing the 3 band members.

About the album cover artwork:

Right after the release of the band’s latest EP “Conspiracy” in 2018 I came up with the idea of another EP with a war kind of theme. The band would have re-recorded their most successful live track “Warchild” and add two new songs about war. The release was planned for 2020. I think I finished the cover artwork right before we went on the Conspiracy European Tour in summer 2019.

I knew the theme of the record will be powerful, and so the visuals had to be strong too. It was also clear that our band mascot “the doc” will be on the cover. I created a 2D army stencil kind of artwork, but ultimately we didn’t go this direction. I knew we will have one or two singles and a minimum of one music video and I didn’t want to get limited by this 2D stencil stuff. So I started to design the 2D idea into more 3D art. The band liked it and so we went with this one. In 2020 we decided to remove the mask of the doc due to this whole corona situation.

It’s great to see that this cover artwork is finally getting released after waiting in a top-secret folder buried under 2 years of dust. And yeah, we’re already working on something new. 😉

Daily Insanity Online:


New music video “I Am The Mission”:

Come on in!

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