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Almost Dead – ‘Brutal Onslaught’

Art Gates Records
Pantera, Incite, Sepultura, Exhorder
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Art Gates Records
Thrash/Groove Metal

Some bands can be together for quite a long time and deliver album after album, whilst others can be together for 20 years and still only have sporadic releases. This is certainly the case with Almost Dead as the Californian groove metallers gear themselves up for only their fifth release ‘Brutal Onslaught’.

                When a band labels themselves as thrash/groove metal, the listener knows what they are in for; there’s that certain sound; marching rhythms that are coupled with shredding guitars and powerful vocals that can be both soft and harsh. This is exactly what Almost Dead offer with ‘Brutal Onslaught’ as the Californians turn the clock all the way back to the mid-90’s when most thrash bands jumped on that groove band wagon. This means that tracks such as ‘Cage Fighter’, ‘Masked Pain’ and ‘Downfall’ all bring about a sense of nostalgia as they stomp with all the rage of Pantera. In fact, to the untrained ear, some of the tracks here on ‘Brutal Onslaught’ could be mistaken for Pantera as vocalist Tony Rolandelli pouts and grimaces like Phil Anselmo in his prime.    


                However, dig beneath this vulgar display of power and the listener will find that there isn’t really much to get their teeth into once the nostalgia of 90’s sound groove metal wears off. Therefore ‘Brutal Onslaught’ doesn’t really have much staying power, it’s fun to listen to whilst playing, ultimately, not much calls for the album to be picked up and replayed again.

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