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Release Date: June 29, 2021

FFO: Amon-Deicide, Vader, Necrophobic

Anno Domini: September 1989 Sweden: A beast was born to transform into the legendary band SEANCE . The demo that started it all for SEANCE and later for the Haunted , Witchery including Johan Larsson and Patrik Jensen … True Swedish Metal 100%… 

“This ultradark creature of occult mysticism is coming back to the shadows. Here we have the early SEANCE actually. Their two main members were the core of ORCHRISTE . Yes I am referring to the Swedes Death Metallers SEANCE . Necronomicon was released in 1989. It marries Death and Thrash of the Swedish school, but it also has these rudimentary passages that drag you to the bitter end … It sounds gloomy and angry at the same time. The re-release comes in cassette and CD from the Greek label Repulsive Echo . The material is remastered and shows its sharp teeth. We support original releases of Death Metal. Tip: Take a look at the line up of the band, but also at the equivalent of the SEANCE that came after. You will not find random names only.”Chris – Forgotten Scroll.
Taken from the RE33 Necronomicon demo by ORCHRISTE pre-SEANCE 1989

Bonus tracks taken by – Live At Nya Strömmen, Norrköping Sweden 08-02-1990 supporting Carcass on Symphonies of Sickness Tour
Mastered by Robbert Kok at Audio Visualz the NetherlandsLayout by Wanderley PernaRevision art by Ghoul Art instagram @gargoylekellyart
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