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VALYEAR: Release ‘Feed My Pain’

‘Feed My Pain’ is taken from the band’s new album “Revolution Fear” which is out via Wormholedeath worldwide.
FEED MY PAIN is about not being able to let go of toxicity. Whether it is a relationship, romantic or otherwise just those things you hate but can’t let go of.I have been addicted to chaos and drama my whole life. Addiction is in my wiring. Being in recovery I am able to see how attached I get to things that destroy me. Drugs, love,…the list goes on. Even music consumes me in and unhealthy manner.This is about the constant hunger…the need to feed what is killing me always.There is a glamour in dysfunction and that always seems to attract me.
“Revolution Fear” is available on all digital platforms HERE The physical CD will be out on 22/10/2021.

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VALYEAR is a four piece hard, alternative/metal band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They’re not afraid to pull from their influences which range from Hank Williams to Meshugga and everything in between while promising not to leave any genre untouched or unexplored.                
VALYEAR are here and ready to remind you that ROCK IS NOT DEAD!

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