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Temple of Dread – ‘Hades Unleashed’

Testimony Records
Death, Morgoth, Pestilence, Malevolent Creation
Release Date
July 23, 2021
Testimony Records
Death Metal

Remember that scene in Lethal Weapon when Mel Gibson is getting electroshock tortured? The tormented screams? Seizing muscles, blinding pain? That’s the sound of ‘Hades Unleashed.’ The vocals, the guitars, everything relentlessly drills down to the bone, exsanguinates you, and then comes back for more. No niceties here. Just straight-up aggression. Brutalizing. Blazing. All the things that made you press “play” in the first place.

On TOD’s third outing, they offer up forty minutes of quick-rip, quick-clip aural destruction. Packed with odd meters, intriguing legato, and an overall sinister tone, each track is hostile and unrelenting. I cannot get over how anguished Finger’s vocals are. Truly chilling at times. ‘Hades’ will assuredly cement the band’s place in the Metal world.

My only issue is the lack of diversity. The tempos are consistently fast, faster, fastest, akin to Thrash as much as Death Metal. I would really like to hear what they can do without their foot always on the gas. In my opinion, their previous two albums were more varied and more (gasp) interesting, so I know the talent is there in abundance.

The last time I checked, they had not sought my input. Nonetheless, if they stay on this trajectory, their name will be held in high regard for a long time to come. All three albums are highly recommended.

Just straight-up aggression. Brutalizing. Blazing.

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