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Galvanizer – ‘Prying Sight of Imperfection’

Everlasting Spew Records
Napalm Death, Carcass, General Surgery
Release Date
July 30, 2021
Everlasting Spew Records
Death Metal/ Grindcore

Galvanizer is a Finnish Deathgrind band formed in 2013, since then they have released two(2) demos, one(1) EP and two(2) albums, with their most recent offering (the second album) being , ‘Prying Sight of Interception’ on ‘Everlasting Spew Records’. In summary, the album discharges shards of hate in different shapes that perforates the atmosphere like flesh being riddled with arrows. But how is the actual album…. Let’s find out?

The production exhibited by this release is one of the crowning jewel upon this monument, for an album to display a specific type of rage, pent up and filled with loathe for it to be erupted upon the listeners, like blood spraying into a splatter from a fresh gash upon the jugular vein, so does the recording mix allows the album to reach that expressive height. The production while not glossy and perfectly knitted together, instead, it feels like a membrane that is exposed and susceptible to all stimuli around it, reacting to every vibration that rings the air, in another words, the mixing that cloaks each track exudes a live breath into the mixture. The positive of this is the listening experience it grants upon us, the audience, as you can almost hear the scraping of the strings and the rattling of the kit as it endures an annihilistic battering. Think back to the production of Napalm Death’s ‘Harmony Corruption’, which was done by the legendary, Scott Burns, Galvanizer’s release also seems to follow in the same vein where the sound aesthetics are concerned, the track, ‘Chthonic Profanation’ is an example which showcases the strength of the production that is instilled within the album as the song itself exudes a rather dense yet frenetic aura to it.

Now…. concerning the production, no matter the direction used, it will never suffice to achieve a well worth status for an album, together with the mix chosen one would need to integrate that factor into the instrumental element in order to create a beast that will not tear itself apart due to incohesive arrangement of its inner structural workings. The musical prowess displayed on ‘Prying Sight of Imperfection’ can be described as a shotgun blast to the skull, quick…deadly, precise. The combination of the guitars and drums discharge a dissonant atmosphere that feels splintered and chaotic, like one who is descending into depravity. The fusion of the strings and percussion contorts into different shapes depending of the emotions secreted by the song structure, this can range to bursts of Death n roll grooves to artillery style blast beats together with schizophrenic Grind riffing. Songs like ‘Ground Above’ and ‘Blaze from within’ demonstrates the above as well as a strength, which is the ability to contain and compact rage and frustration into short bursts which explodes in magnitude when unleashed. ‘Dia De Muertos’ is another example which forges this cacophony with the transitions from bombastic blast beats into a short intervals of chunky grooves back into frenetic riffage patterns, again these bipolar shifts may seem too rapid to digest, however , it’s the sheer intensity expelled that makes it worthwhile, like someone crippled with fear combing their way through a minefield, at any short moment a limb could be separated or shrapnel  protruding from mounds of flesh, Galvanizer brings forth that energy within every track.

The vocals here carry with it a slight trace to the same delivery utilized by Barney Greenway (Napalm Death) as it’s not so much as how deep or sinister one can growl but here the harsh vocals convey a more direct approach, meaning, it doesn’t waste time to be overly complex with drawn out lines (nothing is wrong with this method) however, in regards to the short tempered approach of the instruments, the vocal delivery fits the mold perfectly. Like blunt force trauma to the head that caves in the skull and facial bones, there is no time to think nor breathe as the blood fills the air passage and suffocation occurs, so does the aura of the vocals feel throughout the album, instant carnage and destruction. ‘Servants of the Scourge’ presents this sentiment in the form of the raw aggression that is spewed forth that intertwines with the chaotic element of the instruments.

However, this album is not without its negatives, like I iterated before, the song structure contains a rapid feeling to them, in that the expressions that are brought forth are done in small yet massive bursts. Some of the songs could have been trimmed slightly as they already get the point across, any further would be like pummeling a carcass into liquefied flesh, again…this ‘negative’ can be glossed over as it doesn’t really comprised the structural integrity of the album, but from various listens it could have been much more refined and robust, but that’s just a small nitpick.

In conclusion, if you are fan of Deathgrind, Death Metal or just Grindcore, this album would be worth your time, as it’s rather refreshing to see how an emotion such as rage can be dissected, every essence peeled away like flesh from bone and then sewn back and sculpted the way that Galvanizer wants their vision to be represented.

if you are fan of Deathgrind, Death Metal or just Grindcore, this album would be worth your time

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