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Procez – ‘Jeden’

Via Nocturna
Down, Corrosion Of Conformity, Crowbar
Release Date
July 30, 2021
Via Nocturna
Groove/Stoner Metal

This is my second review of a Polish band this week…and I love it! I don’t what is going on over there, but tak trzymaj! Procez has been around just over a decade, undergone a few line-up changes, and developed a unique sound that gets better with every turn. Procez is pure melodic aggression and attitude. Tons of sludgy riffs, akin to Down, but tighter and faster, the catchy, quick-change chord progressions of White Zombie, sans B-movie dialogue, all delivered in Polish, no less. If you can find a transcript, lemme know.

  There are a couple of songs that are dangerously close to Down and White Zombie (but I won’t reveal which). That said, ‘Jeden’ is a quintessential Metal album. Visceral, in your face, unapologetic, Procez know exactly who they are and make music for themselves…if isn’t for you, then powodzenia. Vocals are gruff and assertive and to the point. Guitars are of blowtorch mentality and scalpel precision, while the bass is thick and precise, piercing the soft underbelly. Nothing pretty, no pretenses, Procez is about kicking ass and not much more. It is only Sept. 1st, and I predict this will be my pick of the month. Trust me; it is just that good.

There are no weak tracks here, but just picking a few at random, “Ofiara” hammers and sways, whips, and grinds with unveiled fury while, “Za Honor” is just pure speed, groove, and electric hate. My personal favorite, “Jeden,” is a multi-layered assault that bears multiple listens. Much like the rest of the album, there is a lot going on here. Don’t sell any of these songs short.

To jest zajebiste! Więcej proszę.

There are no weak tracks here

Come on in!

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