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MITOCHONDRIAL SUN, the ever-changing solo-project by Niklas Sundin — best known as a founding member and guitarist of Swedish metal icons Dark Tranquillity — is gearing up for the release of his brand new EP entitled Bodies And Gold!

After 15 albums as a metal guitarist, with MITOCHONDRIAL SUN Sundin started his first public forays into different musical realms, and he doesn’t show any signs of slowing down anytime soon: Following his 2020- solo debut and the critically acclaimed Sju Pulsarer not even a year later, the multi-instrumentalist is about to release his new EPin a couple of days through Argonauta Records.

The Bodies and Gold EP features six tracks of dystopian electronic music in a wide variety of moods and will be released on September 10 on all digital formats. The already sold-out limited edition vinyl version is (as those who pre-ordered it already know) somewhat delayed due to the supply chain problems that the whole vinyl pressing industry are experiencing. But to shorten the wait for Sundin’s upcoming magnum opus, today MITOCHONDRIAL SUN shared an epic video clip for the EP title track! Says Sundin:“The title track of the EP is probably among the shortest and catchiest songs that I’ve ever written, and therefore stands in stark contrast to some of the other material on the record. It’s based on a minor chord sequence that progressively takes on a more colourful feel. As for the video, I once again went for something symbolic and open for interpretation rather than weaving a complex narrative with an obvious storyline. Make of it what you will.”

Dive deep into the sound world of MITOCHONDRIAL SUN and watch the new clip right here:

MITOCHONDRIAL SUN’s core of the music is an electronic and instrumental affair, that ranges from quiet meditations on space and time to relentless cosmic storms; from a sonic journey into fast, urgent and chaotic songs of the bleakest black metal sound, yet MITOCHONDRIAL SUN is full of emotionally charged melodies and atmospheric soundscapes lurking beneath the surface. Falling somewhere in between the contemplative and moody debut album and the intense Sju Pulsarer successor, each song – from the cinematic and slow moving opener to the industrial full-throttle closing track – differs a lot from each other in style, but share the same vibe: Dystopian and cold, yet organic and occasionally hopeful.

Find out more about MITOCHONDRIAL SUN at:

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