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A Chat With Criminal

Criminal is a grooving thrash/death metal band originating from Chile, moving around the UK and Spain Criminal has had a long and successful career releasing 8 full-length albums over the last 30 years.
Criminal has just released their 9th studio album ‘Sacrificio’ on Metal Blade Records

Metal Digest had a chat with Criminal about ‘Sacrificio’, forgoing vices & their long successful career.

Welcome To Metal Digest!

Hola Criminal! Congratulations on the release of your new album ‘Sacrificio’!How have you been celebrating? Any crazy party or release gig?

Hey, thank you! Well, right now your question sounds like a cruel irony. We’re scattered over four different countries so it will be very difficult to get together while all these restrictions are still in place. But when we do, it’s gonna get very messy!

‘Sacrificio’ is sounding amazing! It’s been a while since your last album ‘Fear Itself’ back in 2016, how long have you been working on the new album?

We started the writing process in 2018 when our new drummer Danilo joined the band. Most of the material was written during 2019 and we entered the studio to record in February 2020. But then the lockdown came and everything got delayed. We could easily have finished and released the album last year if it wasn’t for Covid. But as they say, “nothing good is easy”…

Talking of ‘Sacrificio’… what vice that is personally holding you back that would be the toughest thing for you to sacrifice for your own good?

Well, I certainly enjoy drinking but I recognize it sometimes gets in the way of productivity and creativity. It would probably be hard to sacrifice the beer but it would probably pay off.

You’ve had a long successful career with countless gigs and tours, looking back what is the most enjoyable experience you’ve had with the band to date? Is there a memory you’ll never forget?

Oh, there’s many. Opening for Kreator when they were the first international extreme metal band to play in Chile, supporting Sepultura on the “Chaos A.D.” tour in Chile, hanging out and drinking with Lemmy, the list goes on… but obviously one of the highlights was being direct support to Metallica in front of 55,000 crazy Chileans.

With a name like Criminal, have you ever got a lot of police asking questions when you were on past tours?

Hahaha, yes, we’ve been asked by police if we’re in a band and what its name is, and we usually reply with a far less offensive name such as Exodus haha…

What are your plans for going forward? Is there any tour planned on the horizon?

Not really right now. We’ve been talking to different people and there are a few options, but nothing we can discuss publicly yet.

Thank you for your time and the interview, is there anything you would like to mention to our audience?

Hey everybody check out our new album “Sacrificio” if you like your metal, fast, heavy, and extreme!

Until we meet again,

Milton on behalf of Metal-Digest.

‘Sacrificio’ is available now on CD Digipak, Digital & Streaming

Anton Reisenegger – Vocals & Guitar

Sergio Klein – Guitars

Dan Biggin – Bass

Danilo Estrella – Drums

Come on in!

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