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Heavy Rotation | August 2021


to the METAL DIGEST Heavy Rotation Playlist.

This is where we sit down and attempt to cram everything we’ve been digesting at our HQ into a monthly playlist for your audio pleasure. Here you’ll find upcoming releases from both new and established bands, as well juicy reissues and celebrated classics. There is a guarantee you’ll find something new to crank up in your daily routine. So sit back, turn it up to 11 and enjoy!

Anakim – ‘Infinite Realities’ (Independent Release)

UK death metallers return with their sophomore album and is a great way to expand your collection of 2021 death metal.

Archangel AD – ‘Casus Belli’ (Independent Release)

The Lone Star state band throw their hat into the ring with some decent thrash metal.

Band of Bastards – ‘Ruined’ (Redacted Records/SilverDoor Music)

It’s crossover, it’s punk and it’s pissed off and no band have shown as much political rage in 20 years than Band of Bastards on ‘Delete. Repeat’.

BlackSword – ‘Iron Will’ (No Remorse Records)

BlackSword can see themselves as the natural successors to Iced Earth and with quality like this on their sophomore album, the line of succession is secure.

Caedere – ‘Sea Beggars’  (Via Nocturna)

Death metal. Check. Military History. Check. The latest Caedere album has it all and any fans of death metal and military history will lap up this album as it gives an insight into the Dutch War of Independence.

Dee Snider – ‘Down But Never Out’ (Napalm Records)

‘For the Love of Metal’ part 2? Yes please. Snider once again unleashes his masterful vocal skill and dynamics to create an album of rockin’ anthems to deliver some of his best work since his Twisted Sister heydays.

Electric Haze – ‘Cavern of Pain’ (Idle North Records)

Get your foot tappin’ and your beer on ice because Electric Haze bring their early AC/DC style barroom boogie directly into your earholes.

Eradicator – ‘Echo Chamber’ (Metalville Records)

One of the best thrash metal albums of the year. Hands down. No more questions required.

Fimir – ‘Temple of Madness’ (Argonauta Records)

After the splitting of Church of Void into Byron and Fimir and the releasing of the former’s debut album, it was now the latter’s turn to deliver and equally doomy release.

Gama Bomb – ‘Thunder Over London’ (Prosthetic Records)

If you like top drawer thrash metal, then ‘Thunder Over London’ is simply the best EP released this year… thus far.

George Lynch – ‘Death By A Thousand Licks’ (RatPak Records)

The man famous for his six-string work with Dokken, Lynch Mob and a solo artist delivers his first instrumental solo album. A must for guitarists.

Heaven & Earth – ‘Drive’ (Frontiers Records)

Heaven & Earth return with their fifth offering of hard rock that shows that they are still very much on top of their craft.

Mama Doom – ‘Oh, Lucifer’ (Independent Release)

This is doom done properly, it’s old-school, occult and crammed full of mysticism. Anyone at their wits end with Lucifer’s direction since their debut who get their teeth into Mama Doom instead.

Megadeth – ‘Dread and the Fugitive Mind’ (Cleopatra Records)

A fan club live acoustic album from 2001 released to the masses 20 years later.  

Mentalist – ‘A Journey into the Unknown’ (Pride & Joy Music)

The Teutonic/Swedish band deliver another masterclass of heavy metal that leans into power metal.

Merged in Abyss – ‘Initiate the Wretches’ (Last Throne Productions)

A great album of rock-solid blackened death metal as the Slovakians show exactly how its down.

Mordred – ‘Demonic #7’ (M-Theory Audio)

It’s funky and it’s avant-garde and any fans of Mr. Bungle and Faith No More are bound to thoroughly enjoy this groovy release.

Necrogod – ‘Bringers of Blasphemy’ (Transcending Obscurity Records)

Sweden and Costa Rica join forces for ‘In Extremis’ and once again show that the internet makes the world very small, just big enough to fit inside the world’s biggest garage rehearsal space.

Night Ranger – ‘Breakout’ (Frontiers Records)

‘ATBPO’ shows that Night Ranger have never lost their pizzaz for melody and hard rock which never fails to raise a smile.

Rebellion – ‘Vaterland’ (Massacre Records)

The German band show that they are capable of delivering poignant historical metal that does for German history, what ‘Carolus Rex’ did for Swedish.

Rian – ‘Stop’ (Frontiers Records)

Rian show that they can deliver pristine melodic hard rock that really shows that they can take on any of the big boys within the genre.

Sodom – ‘Bombenhagel 2021’ (Steamhammer/SPV)

Another year, another Sodom EP, a rerecording and two new tracks. Ignore the title track and focus on those two new tracks, one of which wouldn’t be out of place on an early Sodom release.

Tombstoner – ‘Armageddon’ (Redefining Darkness RecordS)

Hands down one of the best death metal albums released this year. Get it… get it… get it.

Warkings – ‘Spartacus’ (Napalm Records)


Wings of Destiny – ‘Memento Mori’ (WormHoleDeath)

Costan Rican power metal soars like an albatross on a warm zephyr. It is power metal 101, but it is done well.

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