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Chestcrush – ‘Vdelygmia’

Independent Release
Black Curse, Full Of Hell, Caustic Wound
Release Date
July 14, 2021
Independent Release
Blackened Death Metal

Greek-born musician Vangelos Vasilakosrecently published his first demo that received high praises from the underground metal community, following his demo’s success the Edinburgh-based solo artist has their first full-length release ‘Vdelygmia’ available now!

‘Vdelygmia’ is 30 minutes of pure filth spread across 9 short songs, ranging from intense fast blast beats on tracks like ‘Theocracyst’ to brutally slow breakdowns of ‘Burden’, there is plenty of brain-splattering, building-shaking, heavy-distorted ear candy on display, this is one for the most extreme of metalheads!

Listening to ‘Skullcrush’ got me pumped and my blood boiling, If you are looking to let off some steam this is perfect angry workout music!

The vocals from Thomas Blanc (Helioss & Celestial Swarm) are a perfect fit for Vangelos’s insanely heavy styles, with drums from Krzystof Klingbein (Vader, Hate, Deathspawn) this album is full of incredible talent.

‘Vdelygmia’ is available now on CD Digipak, Digital & Stream

30 minutes of pure filth

Come on in!

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