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Gama Bomb – ‘Thunder Over London’ EP

Prosthetic Records
Spacer Chaser, Lich King, Municipal Waste, Iron Reagan, Bonded By Blood, Zombie Holocaust
Release Date
August 6, 2021
Prosthetic Records
Thrash Metal

Thrash metal may have been written off by the music media and put out to pasture by the mid-90’s, but it never went away and in the last 20 years, the movement has returned with the old-school rubbing shoulders with their bastard children. One such band are Gama Bomb with Ireland’s premier thrashers creating a huge crater with their ‘Sea Savage’ album last year and now the band are back with ‘Thunder Over London’, a brand new EP for those who just can’t get enough.

                Clocking in at just under 12 mins, this EP gets in and out in a blitzkrieg of thrash metal that leaves nothing in its wake. At this rate, Gama Bomb have scorched the earth and as the ashes settle, the thrashers can stand tall that they have released an excellent EP. ‘Thunder Over London’ overachieves what it sets out to do, these three tracks force the listener to raise their fist in the air and hammer it back and of forth with all the fever pitch of a football derby match. Those fans already dyed in the wool with Gama Bomb will know what to expect, but those not versed will expect a flurry of neckbreaking thrash that appeals to the likes of Exodus, Lich King and Zombie Holocaust with the frantic pneumatic drill of Municipal Waste and Iron Reagan.

                As with all EP’s, ‘Thunder Over London’ will only really force hardcore Gama Bomb fans to head out and purchase it. But, this is frankly an excellent EP and if any EP should be purchased this year, then make sure it is ‘Thunder Over London’.

if you purchase any EP this year, then make sure it is ‘Thunder Over London’

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