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Becoming – ‘In the Name of God’

Independent Release
Testament, Body Count, Fear Factory, Pantera
Release Date
Independent Release
Thrash/Death Metal

“which member of the Big 4 would you replace?”, “who would you add to the current Big 4 to create a Big 5?” these are often the daily debates which plague metal forums and groups as so called thrash fans challenge and belittle each other, arguing from rose-tinted glasses and personal nostalgia. What these tropes often fail to address is that thrash metal as a genre is bordering on 40 years old and there has been many, many newer bands to appreciate; one such person is Jason Hardouin, with whom Becoming is the brainchild of and last year year had Hardouin returning to deliver his third studio album ‘In the Name of God’.

                What Hardouin deliver with his third album is a solid dose of thrash metal that not only incorporates elements of death metal, but also is heavy on melody as it furiously appeals to the likes of Testament fusing with elements from other genres such as hip-hop, industrial and groove metal. This means that tracks such as the seething ‘Wish’, the hip-hop groove of ‘Loyal’ and frantic title track hammer home what it means to be expand on the thrash formula in the 21st century. As expected, the musicianship here is second to none this is man who knows exactly what he wants and how to get it as Jason Hardouin demonstrates that he is a master of the craft and the biggest cog in the Becoming machine which turns in synchronicity with the music.

                The addition of hip-hop and industrial elements into the mix is quite surprising and harks back to the mid-90’s. The production of this album isn’t exactly great through speakers; it is actually much better through headphones and may be better suited to those metal fans who are ‘on the go’, but if you are looking to expand your thrash metal library, then this album would be a decent offering to become acquainted with. However, if not, I’m sure you can still argue with some pleb about how Metallica should be ousted from the Big 4, blah blah blah.

quite a divisive album in styles

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