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healthyliving – ‘Until/Below’ EP

Independent Release
Falloch, Maud the Moth,
Release Date
June 25, 2021
Independent Release

Where to start? A two-track shoegaze/drone collaborative effort that carries the weight of some entire albums? Some bands entire back-catalogues even?

Falloch and Maud the Moth members Scott Maclean and Amaya Lopez-Carromero bring their long time friendship and collaborative spirit together for this taster of a forthcoming album, along with drummer/etc Stefan Pötzsch the sound they create is both sparse and harrowing in turns.

Opener “Until” kicks in with some overtly chunky riffage; and Amaya’s yearning and plaintive vocals clipping around the edges of sanity like Siouxsie intensely missing her Banshees. Second track “Below” has a similar emotional impact, just achieved through an entirely different methodology.

Recorded remotely in part during the lockdown summer of 2020 in Spain, Scotland, and Germany, this mini-EP/sampler/taster is immensely frustrating in just not being long enough. The intensity is palpable, the starkness of the sound screams to carry on giving more structure and ideas…

…but that is for another day. For now we just get a glimpse of what potentially lies ahead, and talented visionary songsters like these are very unlikely to disappoint. I’m looking forward to it.


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