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The Lion’s Daughter – ‘KnotFest Twitch Live Stream’

Release Date
August 20, 2021
Season of Mist
Black/Sludge/Progressive Metal

The only criticism of this live stream is that it felt like recalling a pleasant dream, like trying to grasp smoke with your bare hands, as soon as you open your eyes you long for the memories to be intact, but with every passing minute the dream recedes into that of a distant memory. Yes… guessed it, this stream should have had a replay button!!!!

In constructing this review, just like recalling a dream, so will the details of this magnificent soundscape of a stream will be described, raw and uncut. If you are not up to speed, the Blackened Sludge Metal giants, The Lion’s Daughter recently unveiled their fourth album titled, “Skin Show” as such the live stream hosted by the KnotFest Twitch channel revolved around the band showcasing songs from that release, with that being said, this live stream could have been a simple performance and it still would have done the job, The Lion’s Daughter did not need for this stream to be THIS GREAT, but I’m glad they went above and beyond.

The mix of this live performance summons a juxtaposition of blended atmospheres where there exist both chaotic and melodic elements intertwined, at the same time during the performance, these two opposing factors gave the vibe as though they are repelling from each other and other times working synonymously together. This is one of many positive aspects as the schizophrenic musical melodies carved in a manner that it feels organic and not forced for the sake of being intense.

The sound that encompasses the live event feels as though the album was taken, dissected with the skin being removed and all that remains is the exposed tendons, muscles and the blood soaked tissues, what is meant by this is that because of the live element projected here it grants a different perspective towards the same songs on the album albeit with a different spirit…a different layer. “Become the night” showcases the description, as it feels like a living pulsating membrane, the ambience fabricated by the instrumentation releases a boisterous tone which resonates and flows throughout the song. Each instrument feels like a singular entity with its given moment to illuminate, but at the same time the musical patterns employed introduces a unison amongst each element tying them together perfectly.

The same riffs and drum patterns heard on the album are all here, however fused with the live, unhinged spirit, they undergo a different shape, still reminiscent of the sound, but here it feels mammoth-like where certain grooves are played, the sludge and doom portion emanate a visceral and intemperate vibe. The vocals on this performance elevates the mood to a new height as they project the picture of two voices belonging to different personalities inhibiting one body, while each voice fights for dominance and control, the result is what is expelled onto this livestream. The duality of the vox rings the atmosphere and echoes throughout with the combination of both the Sludge like vocal hooks combined with the Black Metal tinged vocals.

The use of synths and keys in-between and during each individual songs coupled with the visual aspect of the strobing lights creates its own vibration throughout the performance, however, the synths isn’t just used as an ominous background noise, but instead it feels like an extension of the songs. The ebb and flow of the melodies conjured from the synth flows in and around the musical patterns like a wisp of air that catches the leaves upon a tree. One thing to note, while the use of lights were effective, it was not needed, and this is meant as a merit, as the music undergoes such an organic process with the dense atmosphere, each note can speak on its own, hence it needs not any theatrics or visuals to enhance an already potent experience. This performance can exist within a dilapidated pub or even played in broad daylight, and it would still evoke that commanding presence, that being said…the lights were still a fine addition to the visual side.

In ending with this review, one thing that came to mind was the ever continuing question that folks usually ask “Where are the newer bands?? Where’s the next big band???” While these questions can make one roll their eyes, after viewing this performance, The Lion’s Daughter is band everyone should keep on their radar as their musical prowess is uncanny and at the same time it showcases an air of professionalism in the vein of Mastodon and Gojira, where the musical tone is concerned ( however more extreme) . If anyone can catch this stream again, do so, as it’s a sonic treat that should not be missed. To The Lion’s Daughter…..please consider putting this out as a live CD!

please consider putting this out as a live CD!

Come on in!

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