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TOP 5 | The Midnight Devils

The Midnight Devils are pure glam slam boogie woogie Rock n Roll. They wear lipstick but they will still kick your ass.

They are a party rock n roll band. No matter what color you are, sexual orientation, political views you have, or gang you are affiliated with they can guarantee they will get you to party your ass off and shake it on the dance floor. You will always leave smiling when The Midnight Devils are in town.

And I bet you’re smiling now, as you’re reading their TOP 5 on Metal Digest.

TOP 5 pieces of equipment that every musician must own.

Sam Spade –

1 – A sleeping bag because you never know where you will be staying the night when you are on tour. 

2 – A tuner, all you have to do is make sure everything looks good and is in tune when the show starts.   Whatever happens after the 1st note is rock n roll insanity.  Make sure if it’s a tuner that hooks on the head of the guitar that you take it off before the show starts.  Nobody wants to see your badass tuner still attached to your guitar. 

3 -Gaff tape, if it can’t be fixed with gaff tape it isn’t worth having.

  4 – This is a personal one for The Midnight Devils but if you are going to bring an amp make sure it’s the biggest 8×10 cabinet with broken wheels you can find.  No sense in those small combo amps when the big ones look so much cooler. 

5 – This isn’t equipment but while out doing shows one of the most important things to pack are socks and lots of them.  Fresh socks are a high priority in this band. 

TOP 5 pieces of advice NOT to follow, to make it in the music industry.

Sam Spade –

1- “Do it for the exposure” – that means you aren’t getting paid but somebody is. 

2 – “Because of streaming service you can reach the whole world without touring” – this is so false.  Bands like Van Halen, KISS, and The Ramones made it because they worked their asses off on the road slugging it out city to city.  There is no easy way to success. 

Get in a van and start logging the miles.  It’s a long way to the top and Spotify isn’t real life. 

3 “Is this outfit too much?” – This is the show business and the entertainment industry.  If you have to question if what you’re wearing is too over-the-top then it’s probably perfect and people are going to love it.  The Midnight Devils motto is “the fruitier the better.”  It takes balls to dress this trashy.

4 – “Sign with us we have distribution” this is the worst move a band can make.  Signing with a label that wants to take your finished product, sell it and then cash in on %50 of the profit.  It’s a scam to get bands to fork over material, rights, and money.  Nobody is going to give you anything for free.  You have to ask the right questions to the right people and hope for a little luck. 

5 – “This guy wants to be your manager.”  – This is the oldest trick in the book.  A guy with all the right answers, all the connections, and all the chicks wants to manage the band.  He says he will only get paid when you get paid.  He’s in it for the music.  This is the biggest red flag.  Don’t trust anyone that doesn’t have a great track record already.  Don’t give up ownership of anything to anyone.  Once again nobody does anything for free.  Keep things moving but don’t ever give up control to an outside source. 

TOP 5 clicks on your playlist. What are you currently listening to, on repeat?

Sam Spade –

1 – Stevie Ray Vaughan – Life By the Drop

2. – KISS – Mr. Speed “I’m so fast that’s why the ladies call me Mr. Speed”

3. – Suicide Bombers – Murder Couture.  Incredible new glam rock from Norway.

4. – Motorhead – Born to Raise Hell.  The baddest of the bad rock n roll animals on the planet.  Plain and simple Motorhead did it better than anyone else. 

5. – Hanoi Rocks – Malibu Beach Nightmare.  Hanoi wrote the book on how to be an incredible yet very dysfunctional glam rock band.  They looked good and wrote insanely hooky tunes that hit you in the heart. 

TOP 5 adventures you’ve been on with the band.

Sam Spade –

1. The Quireboys Tour.  We landed a dream tour across the US  with our heroes in early 2020.  We only had a few days to pack and hit the road and meet up with the band in Salt Lake City.  It was insanity but perfect Midnight Devils insanity.  We became great friends with The Quireboys and they destroyed the stage every night on that tour.  Unfortunately it all came to an end on March 15th when the world shut down due to COVID-19. 

2.  Opening for Yngwie Malmsteen in Florida.  This is a very recent adventure that took us on a round trip of 3,500 miles across the US in about 5 days.  Our agent, Chuck from Artist Worldwide called and said he needed us in Florida to support Yngwie at these massive theater shows.  Could we handle it?  Could we make the trip?  Could we pull it off?  Of course, we could and didn’t even think about it twice.  It was our first trip to Florida and we got to see the ocean and party in The Sunshine State

3. Shoot-out in Kansas.  On this trip, we were booked to play a “compound” that happened to be a bar in rural Kansas.  No big deal, Saliva had just played there a few weeks back.  We showed up and the owner was wasted already but he went to the barn next to the stage and dug up his safe and paid us as soon as we got off the bus.  The show was kind of a bust but during our last song they started yelling “Take cover”.  We jumped behind our bus and the same owner was firing shots at an unwelcome customer that walked onto the compound.  It was hairy for a few minutes. 

4. Rocklahoma.  If you haven’t been then it’s hard for me to describe this 3 day 50,000 people rock n roll summer camp in the middle of Oklahoma.  It’s debauchery at its finest and we fit in perfectly.  Our drummer Jimmy Mess especially finds this place to be a little like heaven.  Anything you want to do you can do.  The whole outside world ceases to exist for those 3 glorious days.  We played on stage right after Disturbed to a couple of thousand people and let me tell you they were there to party. 

5.  Seeing Graceland.  This is a personal one for me.  I am a huge Elvis fan and we found ourselves in Memphis, TN with a few hours to kill.  I totally planned it that way.  Because of The Midnight Devils and our extensive touring we were able to go see the home of The King.  It was emotional and one of the coolest things I have ever done. 

TOP 5 ways in which your band is awesome.

Sam Spade –

1.  We wear lipstick but we will still kick your ass. 

2.  Jimmy Mess and Chris ‘Sniper’ Hineline. 

3. – We are a party rock n roll band.  No matter what color you are, sexual orientation, political views you have, or gang you are affiliated with I can guarantee we will get you to party your ass off and shake it on the dance floor.  You will always leave smiling when The Midnight Devils are in town. 

4. – Legendary Chicago rock n roll icon Chip Z’Nuff from the band Enuff Znuff is producing our sophomore record as we speak. 

5.  Your boyfriend and your girlfriend both love The Midnight Devils. 

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