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Lee Aaron – ‘Radio On’

Metalville Records
Alannah Myles, Jennifer Rose
Release Date
July 23, 2021
Metalville Records

Lee Aaron hit the scene in the early 80s as a Canadian teen sex kitten dubbed “Metal Queen.” Hardly her intent, but you know what the 80s were all about. This image dissipated, and she carved out more than a decent career based on artistic merit. She then ventured into Jazz and then motherhood, and then a musical hiatus. Now at age 59, she is releasing ‘Radio On.’ Basically, her way of saying, “Nope, not done yet.”

‘Radio On’ is a collection of Blues-based Pop Rock tunes. They are largely sing-along ready, with familiar riffs and chord progressions. Well produced and polished, most tracks have a positive vibe. Good and greasy at almost every juncture, but the predictable lyrics and lack of grit, ultimately deflate the good intentions.

There are some stellar moments to be sure. The introspective ballad “Twenty-One” is compelling at every turn. Regardless of one’s age or experiences, this song speaks to us all. “Devil’s Gold” showcases her best attributes. Slow and sultry, her voice shimmering over a provocative soundscape, she has full command. Oozing sensuality, she makes this song her own. These two songs perhaps demonstrate where Aaron’s voice belongs, Jazz and Blues. I have heard her sing Jazz and she is quite good. Perhaps, we will be treated to more Jazz in the future.

‘Radio On’ is not really Rock;  it is Lee Aaron doing exactly what she wants. No longer the “Metal Queen,” she is being herself and doing it exceptionally well.

This is Lee Aaron doing exactly what she wants

Come on in!

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