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Dragged Under – ‘We’ll Do It Live’

Mascot Label Group
Abandon All Ships, Night Verses, Lonely Avenue
Release Date
August 6, 2021
Mascot Label Group

                Early last year, Dragged Under put out their debut album ‘The World is in Your Way’ to a warm response by both fans and critics alike. That debut album was sleek, modern and massively accessible with Dragged Under picking up fans left, right and centre. In the wake of the global pandemic, the Seattle band, much like every band took to live streaming to bring their music to the world and this has resulted in ‘We’ll Do It Live’, Dragged Under’s first live EP.

                 As with every live stream, the lack of a physically present audience is very strange. This does mean that as with any live show, Dragged Under pour their heart and soul into their music to a silent response. However, this does not deter the Seattle band as Dragged Under tear through a set of six tracks from their debut album. As expected, these renditions are still sleek, well-produced and tighter than a submarine door. This doesn’t mean these versions are stagnant and devoid of feeling, far from it; these songs are full of raw emotion and angst that give a completely different feel to the those already released on the studio album.

                ‘We’ll Do It Live’ shows the band on full throttle, it demonstrates that the band can do it live as well as in the studio and fans of that debut album have got another nice gem to listen to whilst they wait for their new favourite band to tour.

‘We’ll Do It Live’ shows the band on full throttle

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