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Rebellion – ‘We Are the People’

Massacre Records
Grave Digger, Paragon, Wizard, Lonewolf
Release Date
August 23, 2021
Massacre Records
Heavy/Power Metal

It can be said that heavy metal has been more responsible for turning people onto history than any book or television show. Some bands tell these historical stories with such conviction and power that it becomes fully immersive and Rebellion are no exception. This year has the German heavy metal band returning with their ninth studio album ‘We Are the People’ which explores the natives roots of Germany, from its 19th Century formation through to today.

                ‘We Are the People’ is an album which blasts forward with all the fury of a Prussian cavalry charge, to achieve this Rebellion hunker down with some solid classic heavy metal with a Teutonic overtone, so naturally, that’s heavier than normal. Yet, as expected with Rebellion there is also a current of power metal which drives this album forward. However, as fantastic as the musicianship is here (and it is), it is the lyrics which really stand tall. Rebellion have always shown that it in the lyrics where they excel and ‘We Are the People’ is no exception; this telling of the German history will give an insight into a country that have often been overlooked for the obvious conflicts. Tracks such as ‘Vatarland’, ‘Verdun’ and the fantastic ‘Shoa (It Could Have Been Me’ and ‘All in Ruins’ show a band giving events in history the respect and reverence it requires.

                For Rebellion, ‘We Are the People’ is an excellent slice of metal that shows the German band doing what they do best. Military history and metal may not appeal to everyone, but for those who it does, this may just be a dark horse for one of the better albums of the year.

Rebellion doing what Rebellion do best

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